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Secrets of the Subconscious Mind

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Your subconscious mind, if used wisely, is the most important factor in your success or failure in life. This post will explain why this is true. Also, it will describe the basic functioning of the subconscious mind and its effect on your actions and expectations in life.

Your two minds

You have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious. Each has its own functions.

The conscious mind is your gateway to the outside world as revealed by your various senses and the conscious control of your body. The conscious mind operates in a sequential manner, doing one thing at a time. For example, if your conscious mind becomes deeply engrossed in your thoughts while driving, you may be surprised to arrive at your old place of work. You see, your subconscious mind had to assume control of your driving. And the habit of driving to your old place of work was stronger than the habit of driving to your new place of work.

The subconscious mind operates in the background, performing many activities all at the same time. It receives the input from your senses, interprets this input, and feeds it to your conscious mind. Thus, when you open your eyes in the morning, you ‘see’ your surroundings with no apparent effort on your part. However, your subconscious mind had to undergo a massive amount of effort before it could send its interpretation of your surroundings to the conscious mind.

Powers of the subconscious

Imagine yourself sitting in a darkened room and each hand holds a bundle of wires coming from the optic sensors at the back of your eyeballs. Each tiny wire provides you with the electrical signals from an individual optic cell.

First, you have to determine the various colors and shapes that these signals represent. Then you have to dig into your vast memory of experiences to identify what images these colors and shapes represent. You also have to bring forth any actions or emotions associated with these images. In order to accomplish this magical feat, millions of brain cells in the optical region of your brain (subconscious mind) are all working at the same time.

Then you have to describe this scene to your conscious mind. What an impossible task this must be! This is only one of the many tasks your subconscious mind has to accomplish, all at the same time.

How your beliefs affect your results in life

Now let’s get to the heart of how your subconscious mind controls your actions and possibilities in life.

Your subconscious mind uses the beliefs and other information stored in it to interpret your surroundings and the resulting dangers and possibilities. Thus, when you encounter a certain situation, your subconscious usually knows the available responses to this situation. It also knows the likely result from choosing one of these options. In addition, it knows from your past feelings about these responses whether they are favorable or unfavorable. Thus, your subconscious mind acts like a guardian to a child. It acts to interpret your surroundings, keep you out of trouble, and limit your likely responses.

One of the most important facts to understand is that all this important work by your subconscious mind is going on without the knowledge of your conscious mind. What to you seems so effortless requires massive effort by your subconscious mind. All this work has to be hidden from your conscious mind or it (you) would be overwhelmed and unable to function.

The downside of this separation from your subconscious mind is that you probably don’t realize the nature of your hidden beliefs and their affect on your actions and expectations. If your subconscious mind is guided mostly by empowering beliefs, no problem. However, if limiting beliefs control your life, you have a big problem.

Harmful effects of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs restrict your actions and possibilities in life. These limiting beliefs were developed during your childhood when they protected you. However, as you grow into adulthood your past feelings (your beliefs as to how to respond to life) may no longer reflect your current abilities and possibilities. What may have posed a danger to you as a child may not harm you as an adult. You may wonder, doesn’t your subconscious mind realize that things have changed? No, not necessarily. All it knows is what events and circumstances you have experienced, and your feelings about these events and circumstances. As far as your subconscious mind knows, your feelings (your beliefs) are all that matters. For example, if you have been afraid to speak in front of groups (because you might be ridiculed), that is your reality until you decide to change it. You change it either by taking action (joining a Toast Masters group), or by implanting new beliefs into your subconscious mind and then acting on them.

Here is the payoff. If you want to improve your life, you may have to overcome any limiting beliefs that are blocking your efforts. You can implant empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind to overcome the adverse influence of limiting beliefs. Then you will be free to pursue your new possibilities as an adult.

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