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Receiving My Revelations

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

Many of my posts to this blog are based on the insights and methods derived from the magical revelations I received from the universe. This post explains how I came to receive these revelations. You may wonder why I was chosen to receive these revelations. I certainly didn’t do anything to deserve them, except to ask for help. It is my contention that if these revelations could help such a lazy and dispirited person as me, they should be able to help almost anyone.

Previous gifts from the universe

While I was working in the public accounting profession, I received two magical gifts from the universe. One of the gifts was an overwhelming surge of self-confidence before an important meeting with the boss and some clients. The other gift was an overpowering feeling of love toward a stranger when I was buying paint at Lowe’s home improvement store.

Asking for help

As my retirement date was approaching, I became worried about my future. I had achieves only moderate success in my public accounting career. The main problem was that I had become quite lazy! All of my ambition, energy, and self-confidence had slowly dissipated over the years. I needed to regain these abilities and attitudes somehow. Then I could fulfill my goals for retirement–to help people and exploit my natural talents. Over the years, I had read various self-help books, but they never gave me the underlying facts I needed to accept them. Their primary message of using hard work to achieve success did not jibe with my laziness.

Looking back on my past life, I recalled the two magical gifts I had received. Therefore, I decided to ask the universe for help.

Receiving the revelations

It took about a year for me to receive and understand the revelations. Here they are, expressed as a guide for my readers:

  1. You are personally responsible for the successes and failures that you experience. You have the ability to improve things by taking charge of your life and assuming responsibility for your destiny.
  2. Your subconscious mind uses the controlling beliefs that are hidden away inside it to help interpret your apparent situation in life and the resulting possibilities.
  3. Beliefs are not the same as reality. The controlling beliefs in your subconscious mind may not reflect your actual situation in life and the resulting possibilities.
  4. When empowering beliefs control your subconscious mind, you are encouraged to seek and achieve success in life.
  5. When limiting beliefs control your subconscious mind, you are discouraged from seeking and achieving success in life.
  6. You can implant empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind to reduce the adverse effects of any limiting beliefs that are present.

My early reactions

I was disappointed in the first revelation that I received. I had developed a habit of blaming someone or someone else for my problems. This first revelation took away that crutch. Besides, it didn’t provide any details on how to solve my problems or improve my life.

The subsequent revelations explained the source of my problems. It seems that the beliefs that controlled my subconscious mind were mainly responsible for the success or failure that I experienced in life. If I was dissatisfied with my results in life, it probably meant that my subconscious mind was being controlled by limiting beliefs. The revelations explained that the solution to this problem was to implant empowering beliefs into my subconscious mind.

After receiving and understanding the big picture, I was able to start taking action.

Testing the revelations

I had been working on a website to help people survive the coming hard times. However, I was making a mess of things. I really didn’t know how to structure this website or what information to put into it. I kept making changes and going around in circles. It appeared that this project was beyond my abilities. However, after using the insights from these magical revelations, I became empowered and was able build a useful website. In addition, I published an ebook that explained these revelations and their insights. This ebook included the methods I developed to put these revelations and insights into action. During this time, I seemed to be a different person. It was an exciting experience for me.


I am no one special; in fact, I am less than special. Therefore, if I can improve my life using these insights and methods anyone should be able to do the same. You can study the previous posts in this blog that explain how to use the revelations. You also may want to purchase the low-cost ebook Magic Success Secrets that is shown in the My Kindle Books page.


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