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Roadmap to a Better Life

Image courtesy of digitalart /

Image courtesy of digitalart /

Sometimes you need a roadmap to help you get to a better life. This post explains how I created a roadmap for my journey. Perhaps the roadmap described below can help you to a better life.

My desires for a roadmap

When I was growing up, I observed how some people enjoyed life and others just struggled day by day. Of course, I was right there among the strugglers. I always wondered, “What are the secrets that some people seem to have? Why do so many people have to struggle to get through life?”

I yearned for some instructions that would show me the way. What goal should I try for? What are the next steps? How can I solve my problems? How can I get the tough jobs done? Well, I never found the instructions. Of course, I read self-help books. They explained what steps to take and/or what traits or habits were needed to be successful. However, they didn’t show me how to overcome my laziness. They also didn’t delve into what I considered the ultimate secrets to success.

Design for a roadmap

As I was nearing retirement, I renewed my desire for a roadmap to success. I wanted a roadmap with two main features. The first feature would be just a list of procedures to achieve any type of goal. Since I might try to achieve different types of goals, I wanted to include procedures that would cover any possibility. Some of these procedures would be used on every goal and other procedures would be used only for a certain type of goal. These procedures would be placed into various groups  and the groups would be placed in the proper sequence for achieving a goal.

The second feature would be a series of special methods that could be used to overcome various types of obstacles to achieving goals. For example, there might be reasons why I would fail to start taking action on a project. I would also need help in solving the various problems that might arise while working toward a goal.

I believed that this type of roadmap would be able to help me improve my life and achieve my dreams for retirement.

I made some progress with the first feature of this roadmap while I was still working. The second feature of this roadmap still eluded me.

Creating the roadmap

Then one day, in my golden years, I asked the universe for help in my quest for answers. Some time later, I started to receive revelations about the true nature of life and reality. These revelations were both simple and shocking! Once I had received and studied them, they seemed so obvious. Yet, the truth was rather brutal. They informed me that my disappointments in life were my own fault! I had the wrong attitudes about life and reality. My limiting beliefs had done me in. They needlessly restricted my actions. Yet I needed some type of beliefs to guide my life. Without them, I wouldn’t know what to do.

As I received more revelations, the mystery cleared up. Beliefs may not reflect reality. They simply form a framework that lets your subconscious mind attempt to interpret reality. You can change your beliefs. Moreover, as you enhance your beliefs, your opportunities magically expand. The artificial barriers to action fade away. What before had seemed impossible can become possible.

These revelations helped me overcome the main obstacle to achieving my goals for retirement. Finally, I knew the ultimate secrets to success. After implanting empowering beliefs into my subconscious mind, I became supercharged with new powers. I was finally able to reorganize, improve, and complete my website.


This roadmap has helped me achieve my initial goals for retirement. I hope it can help you achieve your goals for a better life. You can read the details in my Magic Success Secrets ebook.


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