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Changing Your Life

Image courtesy of ddpavumba /

Image courtesy of ddpavumba /

Are you tired of a boring life? Are you worried about the future? This post describes how to start making changes to your life. This description uses my own experiences as an example.

Comparing our lives

I don’t know how my experiences in changing my life will compare to your experiences. For one thing, I was retired when I started making the changes. Thus, I didn’t much care if I made a complete mess of things. On the other hand, I was starting from a very low state of affairs. By the time I retired, I had lost most of my ambition, energy, and self-confidence. Just bringing my life back up to a normal situation would be a great improvement.

At any rate, reading about my experiences may help you decide whether to try making changes to your own life.

My goals and limitations

As my retirement date approached, I started working on a website to help people. I was hearing from many reliable commentators that the US government was accumulating too much debt. This would lead to hard times in the future. So, I wanted to do something to help people during the coming bad conditions. However, I was having difficulties with this project. My writing talents weren’t up to the challenge. I kept making mistakes and going around in circles.

My first goal for retirement was to reorganize, improve, and complete my website. However, I would first need to enhance my writing abilities. After those two projects, I wanted to write some self-help books. I wanted to help people because I had been selfish most of my life.

Although I had written many business letters during my public accounting career, my writing always took too long to plan and write. In addition, my letters often needed corrections. So, I was facing a big challenge in having to write extensive content for my website and self-help books.

Self-empowerment methods

Before my retirement, I had discovered how to use my subconscious mind to help me solve certain problems. I also had used affirmations to give myself a few desirable attitudes. However, I never considered using these methods to help overhaul my life. I lacked the ambition and self-confidence needed to make such large improvements.

Then I received some powerful revelations from the universe. This is explained in the Receiving My Revelations post. The insights from these revelations showed me how to replace the limiting beliefs in my subconscious mind with empowering beliefs. I finally knew how to improve my life and achieve my goals. However, I lacked the personal drive to tackle such large projects.

Then, a miracle happened. When I got up one morning, I received a jolt of energy. This energy jolt allowed me to start working vigorously on my website for a while. I assumed that this energy jolt was another temporary gift from the universe. So, I created a visualization to give myself a burst of energy whenever needed.

Improving my abilities

With my renewed drive, I started working on the website in earnest. I began using my subconscious mind to improve my writing. I had noticed in the past that sometimes solutions to my problems would just pop into my conscious mind for no apparent reason. I knew that the subconscious mind has fantastic abilities. So it must have been the source for these solutions. I decided to try using these abilities to improve my writing.

This is the method I developed:

  1. Review the defective writing for several minutes.
  2. Expect my subconscious mind to improve this writing.
  3. Don’t be concerned with this problem anymore.
  4. Go to sleep to allow my subconscious mind to consider my writing problem.
  5. When my subconscious mind pops a possible solution into my conscious mind during the next day or so, use it to improve my writing.

With this method, I would just write something, anything, about my current topic. Then I would expect my subconscious mind to improve the writing. This procedure usually worked like a charm.

Wow! My new approach saved a lot of time. I didn’t have to spend all that time in planning what to write and worrying about how to fix my mistakes. This vast improvement in my writing ability helped to restore my ambition and self-confidence. I knew what I wanted to achieve with my writing. And I believed in the ability of my subconscious mind to help me get the work done.

After improving my writing ability, I decided to try supercharging my personal powers. I implanted empowering beliefs into my subconscious mind to offset the adverse effect of the limiting beliefs that it held. The result was fantastic! I felt that I could do almost anything now. However, this was not quite true. All I had accomplished was to remove the roadblocks to taking action. Next, I had to actually take action and accomplish the desired results.

Enhancing your experiences

I believe that you need to enhance your experiences to achieve a better life. It isn’t enough merely to wish for better things in life. First, you have to remove the roadblocks to taking action. Then, you must actually take action and get results. After you achieve success at a certain level, you can try for a higher level of success. You can decide how high you want to climb. But in order to achieve success, you need the experiences derived from taking action and getting the desired result.

Consider what happens to people who win large lottery prizes. You can read or hear about people who can’t handle their newfound wealth. They don’t have the experience of dealing with large amounts of money. They often make foolish mistakes and lose all their prize money. They even may become worse off than before they won the lottery. The problem is their lack of experience with large amounts of money.


So if you want to improve your life, don’t just wish for something good to happen. You need to start making things happen. You need the experience of making mistakes and then correcting them. Your enhanced experiences will allow you to achieve your goals and improve your life.


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