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New Employment Opportunities — 3-D Printers

A 3-D printer is a device that can create three-dimensional objects, such as toys. These devices use appropriate software designs to guide their operation. They also need the materials to become fused into the 3-D object. This is a new and growing industry. Some possible job opportunities are summarized below.

1. The manufacturers of the 3-D printer. These business firms would need the same kind of workers as required for any manufacturing firm. They would need computer CAD operators, office workers, manufacturing workers, maintenance workers, supervisors, and higher-level managers.

2. The providers of materials to be fused into the object being created by the 3-D printer. These also are manufacturing firms. They would need chemists, office workers, manufacturing workers, maintenance workers, supervisors, and higher-level managers.

3. The software designers that create the software that controls the operation of the 3-D printer. These software firms would need computer programmers, computer consultants, office workers, supervisors, and higher-level managers.

4. The individual users of the 3-D printers will be providing various types of objects produced from these printers. These manufacturing firms would need office workers, manufacturing workers, maintenance workers, supervisors, and higher-level managers.

You can search for the first three types of firms on the Internet and see if you qualify for any of the openings they have. The last type of firm may be more difficult to locate. You would have to keep your eyes open for new firms or new activities for existing firms.

There are all kinds of possible applications for 3-D printers. For example, they can create objects that cannot be produced in any other way. They can be used for rapid prototyping.

There will be new uses for these printers as this new industry continues to expand. Likewise, there will be more employment opportunities.


Possible problems with the U.S. dollar

The financial commentators that I follow are starting to warn about possible problems with the U.S. dollar. When taking protective measures against this problem, it’s better to be a year too soon than a day too late.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Get out of all paper investments denominated in dollars. This includes most investments in the stock market, bonds of various types, and large amounts of dollar currency (over what you might need for six months or so).

2. Invest in hard assets, such as gold and silver coins. You want to take possession of the actual physical product. Be wary of possible counterfeiting.

3. Don’t purchase “paper” gold or silver. This is where some one sells you a gold or silver investment, but retains possession. So all you have is a warehouse receipt or some other piece of paper.  These pieces of paper may not have any value. For every identifiable lump of gold or silver in a warehouse somewhere, there probably are a hundred pieces of paper claiming ownership of that same lump. Guess what, 99 people are going to be out of luck.

4. Invest in trading goods, such as food with a long shelf life, cigarettes and liquor, off-the-shelf medications like aspirin and Tylenol, guns and bullets, camping gear, and so on.

5. Stock up on the kinds of things you would need for your own well-being. You don’t want to be caught short if the stores start raising their prices dramatically or run out of inventory.

6. Read up on how bartering works when there is no supply of usable money.

7. Assume that your bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, and any other visible property can be seized by the authorities in an emergency. Make plans accordingly.

8. Get to know your neighbors. See about forming a support group. Everyone can pitch in and provide something for the group.

9. Don’t discuss your preparations with anyone else, not even family or friends (unless you are prepared to take them in and support them, and any of their family or friends that might be tagging along). If the word gets out, you might have to support an entire neighborhood, or just one lucky thief.


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