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What has happened to America?

I haven’t been updating my blog lately because I ran out of useful things to say. But now I have decided to resume blogging every Friday to explain what has happened to America. I will attempt to explain why things are in such a mess for our country and the majority of its people. Plus, I will do my best to help you survive the hard times we are experiencing.

These blogs will be based on my personal opinions and insights, my interpretations of common sense and human nature, and the opinions of various people who have achieved success by not following conventional wisdom.

If I believe that something I say is a fact, then I will provide a link to an authoritative source. If I am discussing the personal opinions of other people, then I will provide a link to the site that contains these opinions.

As far as placing blame for the awful things that have happened to out country and most of its people, I  assume that The Powers That Be (TPTB) are allowing or controlling most of these events. But as to who the “powers behind the throne” might be, I do not know.

You should assume that I cannot prove anything that I am stating in these blog posts, unless I provide a link to the source of that information.

Also, if you take any actions based on the information in my blog posts you must assume sole responsibility for any losses or other mishaps you encounter.

Here is a tentative outline of the subjects for my future blog posts:

  • Why there is such a large and growing division between the rich and the poor.
  • Why most retired people can’t live on just their Social Security benefits.
  • Why most of the good paying factory jobs have disappeared from our country.
  • Why most families can’t live on the earnings from just one job anymore.
  • Why the stock market is so high when the economy is in such a bad shape.
  • Why we have so many pointless wars that we never seem to win.
  • Why the economic statistics issued by the government often fail to reflect reality.
  • Why the Middle Eastern terrorists are so mad at us.
  • Why the Federal Reserve is creating our money when the Constitution says that Congress is in charge of creating our money.
  • Why un-backed paper notes have become our form of money when this fraudulent form of money was so vigorously condemned in the Federalist Papers and was denied to the states in the Constitution.
  • Why the government and the Federal Reserve System want to control our economy, instead of allowing the free market to work its miracles, even though the central control of an economy has never worked for large advanced societies.
  • Why the government allows the large “Too Big To Fail” banks (that almost brought the country to ruin during the 2007-08 global financial crisis) to continue with their insane activities and thereby place the country in an even more dangerous situation.

At the end of every post I will try to show some easy ways for you to make money or provide some part of your survival needs. This should help you to overcome some of the nonsense that TPTB are doing to harm you.


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