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About the Author

Charles Moorehead graduated from the University of Washington in 1963 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Later, he received a CPA license from the state of Washington. He worked in the accounting profession for almost 40 years.

However, he came to discover that becoming an accountant was a mistake. This profession did not satisfy his true desires nor use his natural talents. He gradually lost his ambition, energy, and self-confidence. His life became a series of disappointments with no worthwhile goals.

As his retirement approached, he longed for something better for his remaining years. He tried to build a website to help people through the hard times the USA was having. It was a difficult project and appeared to be beyond his abilities. Then he recalled receiving two magical gifts from the universe. So, in desperation, he asked the universe for help.

Over the following year, he received and came to understand and accept a series of breakthrough revelations. These allowed him to empower his life and achieve his initial goals for retirement. He was finally able to reorganize and complete the website. Then he went on to write and publish the Magic Success Secrets ebook.

Charles, medium

With the help of these magical revelations, Charles was able to turn his life around. Now he wants to help other people do the same.

Besides this blog, you can read his Kindle books and his website. These can be accessed from the labels at the top of every page in this blog.

His quote: “A better life doesn’t just happen. You have to want it and you have to take a chance on trying something different.”



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