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Is a College Education Worth the Money?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Many college students have taken on large loans only to discover that they can’t find work after they graduate. Therefore, I wonder if a college education is really worth the money in all cases.

Excessive college costs

The availability of student loans has allowed colleges to keep on raising their tuition costs. This increase in the demand for a college education has overwhelmed the supply. The natural result is an increase in the price of a college education. However, this continuing increase in tuition costs may not be accompanied by any increase in the value of the education.

Is a college education really necessary?

There are certain careers that require a college degree. These are the traditional professions like accountants, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and teachers. However, many occupations or professions don’t require a college degree. For example, you don’t need a degree to start your own small business. You don’t need a degree to become an inventor or create a new type of online business. You don’t need a degree to become a cook, drive a taxi, or operate a computer. You don’t need a degree to provide various types of online services.

Many people have started out at a low-level job in a company and worked their way up simply by being able to get the work done. There are many positions in a company that require suitable experience, rather than a college degree.

You may start working at a small business and then purchase the business when the owner retires. You can use the income from the business to help you pay the purchase price.

Alternatives to college education

Trade schools provide valuable training at much less expense than most colleges. Some trades provide an apprenticeship program where workers receive on-the-job training. You may be able to find colleges that provide online education at a lower cost than the traditional on-site education.


Before parents or students decide to burden themselves with a large education loan, perhaps they should explore some of the alternatives to an expensive college education. They could look around at some of the opportunities available and decide how to become qualified for those opportunities. They may discover that a college education is not required.


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