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Using my ‘Money Magic’ Concept


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This post describes my Money Magic concept. This concept brings together two powerful resources I have developed.

The money part refers to a great idea for making money. This part is provided by my free website,

The magic part refers to the personal powers that are needed to exploit the money making idea. This part is provided by my low-cost ebook, Magic Success Secrets.

Why businesses fail

It is my contention that the failure of so many small business firms in the first few years has a simple explanation. The owner may not have a business idea that can satisfy the market demand. In addition, the owner may lack the personal powers needed to face and overcome common business problems. It is my hope that my Money Magic concept and resources can help people succeed with their own small business.

How businesses can succeed

Regardless of economic conditions, people still want their needs and desires satisfied. Of course, the amount they are able to pay may be lower than normal. The product (information, merchandise, or service) must deliver real value. That is, it must satisfy the needs and desires of available customers at a price they can afford. This is my definition of a quality product.

Delivering a quality product

I am constantly amazed at how often business managers, even of large well-known firms, seem not to care about the quality of their products. They have a choice of how to use the resources that are available to them. They can use them to produce quality products. Else, they can use them to bribe and coerce their way to market domination. The first choice is the better way to go, and it is available to anyone.

If you are able to deliver a quality product, you have a chance at a successful business. If the required business activities use your own talents and fulfill your own desires, then your chances of success are even better.


Yes, I Can


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This posting can help you solve your problems.

Solving problems

It happened again. I had a very tough problem I could not solve. I tried searching on the Internet but what I found was mostly people wanting to sell me something. Then the magic happened. My subconscious mind came through with a solution. It seems to have considered all my needs and circumstances. First I have some preliminary work to do – then I’ll put this solution into action.

Have you ever had some problem that you couldn’t seem to solve? Why not try putting that old reliable tool into action. That tool, of course, is your subconscious mind. It can be your ever faithful slave. It has an unlimited storehouse of information and it can be very creative.

Using my method

Let me explain how to use your subconscious mind. There are certain rules you must follow.

1. Carefully review a written statement of the problem for several minutes.

2. Expect your subconscious mind to solve the problem.

3. Don’t be concerned about the problem any more.

4. Go to sleep so your subconscious mind can review the problem and find possible solutions.

5. When a possible solution to the problem pops into your conscious mind after a few days, try it out.

Why my method works

The above steps show your subconscious mind that you are serious about getting the problem solved.

Now you know the basics. You can use this method to start training your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind wants to help out. You just have to follow the above rules.

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